Monday, 17 September 2012

New charms ...

I had a little flurry of sales recently, so, as any business person knows, money in also means money out - purchasing new items specifically to help boost the business.  I've bought five new bags of tibetan silver charms (one hasn't yet arrived), so this can only mean one thing - a selection of fun new items to make for Ellie's Treasures.

I have ballerinas, back-arched cats (perfect for Hallowe'en), simple houses and little dolphins.

Ellie's Treasures

I have good ideas for three of the new charms, but need a little inspiration for the ballerinas!  Sounds strange doesn't it, but I'm not too sure yet how to feature them other than on a stage.  Got any ideas readers?

My fifth bundle of new charms I'm going to keep under wraps for now.  I have a whole new set of ideas for these and don't want to spill the beans too quickly - will need to dabble and play before I say anything!

I've been working on some hand applique these last few weeks - Christmas samples for a potential order.  It's quite fiddly I have to say, all the cutting out, starching and turning over of the seams using a hot iron, but the sewing is great fun, like putting a jigsaw puzzle together.  I love using different fabrics to make up each picture too.  I won't show you any photos yet, as I haven't yet heard back from the customer but I'll post some up in due course.

This new little teddy bear brooch is a mini applique and I'm rather pleased with him - he's got such a lovely  face and looks very cuddly!

Ellie's Treasures


Cards with a Difference said...

Very cute teddy bear. I think the ballerinas would look good on a star, maybe a pink one.

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Thanks for commenting - good idea about the star - thanks!