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This is me, Elaine, and I have been running Ellie's Treasures from my home in rural Lincolnshire since 2009.  I'm married to Paul and have two teenage children, Katie and Ben. 

I think the love of sewing has been handed down to me from my Mum and Grandma who were both big "make do and mend" ladies.  During secondary school though I was absolutely hopeless in sewing class and was very nervous of  the sewing machine.  I seemed to have a mental block when it came to threading the thing up and picking up the bobbin thread!  I hear now things are a lot easier to handle, but as yet, I haven't ventured out and bought my own machine to use - it'll happen, especially as Katie has shown an interest in making or altering her own clothes.

All my items start life as a light-bulb moment in my head (usually just as I'm about to go to sleep) so then I make a quick dated sketch in a special "inspirations" notebook.  There's plenty of sketches that haven't, as yet, becoming anything more as the next stage is to figure out exactly how to turn a picture into something a little special.  I have a large bag and two under bed storage drawers full of fabulous fabrics that I've picked up or been given over the years.  The same goes for embellishments and buttons, although I have to admit I do buy silver charms and character buttons to use in my work (a girl likes to shop you know) and have often pondered over fabrics online - there's such a wonderful selection out there.  Making something new from something that would otherwise be wasted, unloved or just sitting in a landfill somewhere is what I enjoy best.  Everything is hand cut then carefully and thoroughly hand sewn.  The process isn't quick as I often stop to think of a way to make each item just a little different and unique.

Ellie's Treasures has been featured on Found on Folksy and Cuteable as well as many other lovely blogs.

Our pets may be mentioned in posts from time to time, so before you go I thought I'd best mention that everything I make to sell is stored away from the pets in a gently scented cupboard.

My items are available to purchase through Etsy and Folksy.  You can catch up with latest news through Facebook and Twitter and see a world of lovely gorgeousness on Pinterest.  Please click the relevant buttons to take a peek.

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