Monday, 21 May 2012

All about a bean bag!

Squashed on a bean bag

This bean bag, that actually belongs in Ben's room, has sneaked out into the study for a good reason. 

I bought this, and one other bean bag, when we first decorated Ben's room about 4 years ago (I can't believe we've been here 5 years now) but I can't really say they've been used by human bottoms!  They are much loved by the furry friends in the house as, being covered in fake leather (plastic to you and me) they are exceptionally warm and cosy for a quick snooze. 

Kan has been using the other one, still in Ben's room, for his overnight sleep for a long time now, and he'll often wander up there during the day, expecting it to be free, only to find Allie has sneaked in and stolen his comfy spot!  As Allie is getting quite doddery on his legs now, bless him, and is finding it difficult to source a warm spot downstairs during the night that doesn't require jumping up (or levering himself up which he's getting quite expert at - not good for furniture though), we moved one bean bag downstairs, purely for him.

He loved it, of course, but, like many cats, he's had his fill of it for now and has moved on to something else which happens to be Poppy's bed!  Poppy, having discovered this, decided to take over the bean bag instead.  Fine, but she worked out there was one annoying problem, it's a little too small for her and being plastic (sorry, fake leather), she tends to slide off after a while!!


Diomoglass said...

For the second time in my life I have lost my bean bag to a dog! But it is so much fun for our puppy to throw herself in to. Poppy does look comfy though... sort of!

Mrs Jones said...

My cat loves a beanbag too!