Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The sun really helps ...

doesn't it?  Today it is gracing us, and, according to the forecast, it should do for the rest of the week.  Makes sitting outside with a cuppa so much more pleasant, although it does make it harder to come back indoors afterwards to get on with work!

We had a very upset Ben first thing today as he discovered one of his goldfish had floated off to fishy heaven.  Bless him, he took it quite badly, but now "Snow" (I never knew that was his name - what a terrible mum I am) has been buried in the pet graveyard (gruesome!) and now Ben has begun to chill a little.  This means we need to now do that awful task of cleaning out the fish tank in order for us to view "Flame", the beautiful fan-tail,  far better.
Chives - 2012
So, with the sun out, the first thing I want to do is photograph flowers in the garden.  Not sure why this seems to be a ritual everytime the sun comes out!  So, here we have pretty clematis and chives.  This gorgeous pale pink clematis adorns alot of fences, walls and even telegraph poles around this area.  Ours is by the back fence and was looking so straggly last year that I chopped it all down to the ground.  You can imagine my surprise when it all sprang up again looking rather fabulous with its array of pretty blumes.  The chives, and other two herbs that I planted last year have spread like wild-fire.  I just need to replace the rosemary and bay (that didn't take too kindly to -14 degrees) to get my fully stocked herb garden back up and running.
Clematis - 2012
Ellie's Treasures
Flowers feature too on my latest Patchy.  Gorgeous floral fabrics and the lightest of Spring green material decorated with green seed beads, burgundy ribbon and flower printed buttons.  This wallet has two extra slot in pockets - so eight in total - all ready to store little things like store cards, library cards, vouchers, notes, secret messages ... I could go on and on and one, the list is endless!  Anyway, I love it, and want to keep it, but it's up for sale in Ellie's Treasures on Folksy and Etsy.  The price now includes UK postage and packing.


Kate Jenkins said...

beautiful flowers- and photographs! The sun really helps. although I did catch myself thinking that it was too hot today!?

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Haha, yes me too ;0)

dawny said...

awww sorry to hear about Ben and his fish! xx