Wednesday, 8 February 2012

A change of scene ...

... for Jay.

It was a sad decision to leave the little yard that Jay was staying at.  Everything was lovely there, so relaxed, come and go as you please attitude, but Katie knew from the start that it wouldn't work out.  Having no arena meant that once winter had arrived the field was either far too soggy or far too hard to ride on.  This has meant that once again, Jay hasn't been ridden properly for several weeks.  Katie's managed a few short lunging sessions, but nothing more.

So, decision made, we spent a stressful couple of weeks looking around the few yards close (ha!) to us.  We settled on a lovely one just an extra 5 mins from the current yard.  There's 5 horses there already, and space for three more.  His stable is under cover and very roomy and he has a nice paddock to himself outside.  The biggest bonus, of course, is the arena which has floodlights too, so no excuse for skipping out of exercise!
New yard - and white stuff!
All the excitement of moving, and then he wakes up to snow!

The move went well, thanks to two lovely helpers who managed to safely load Jay in just 15 mins.  He seems to have settled in very well too and has already tried out the arena with a couple of lunge sessions.  As there's snow everywhere he couldn't manage more than a short session the first day before walking on icy stilts!    Katie says she feels far more confident being in an enclosed space to work him, rather than in a huge open field, and I have to say, I feel pretty relaxed there too.  It feels good. 
first lunge

Jay and his young stable mate seem to have made friends very quickly!
"I'll have some of that thank you"
"Give us your hay mate!"

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