Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Snow, snow, snow ...

... how I do love it! 
Sunrise 7 Feb 2012
Pretty sunrise (7th Feb)

I was pretty excited to hear that snow was going to sweep itself across most of Britain on Saturday night.  I was also mighty relieved that Jay's moving day had been changed from the Sunday to the Saturday! 

Saturday early afternoon didn't look too promising snow wise, although the sky was a bit white (but not that "snowy" yellow colour) and I was beginning to think "yeah, yeah, bet the weather man is wrong".  By the time we returned to the yard at 5ish, it was a different story.  The wind had seriously picked up and little blades of snow were beginning to fall.  Reading my twitter feed, I was now sure we were heading for a good smattering, as many others were reporting snow fall, not many counties away from us.

Walking Poppy at 7.30 wasn't pleasant.  We had a blizzard by then and it was bitterly cold.  Ben's eyes popped out of his head when I suggested he look out the window before bed to see if it was still snowing.  The blizzard had really picked up and snow was being blown across the road and forming big piles of white stuff!

The morning bought that lovely calmness that comes with a fresh fall of snow.  Deep, deep piles of it everywhere.  So deep in fact that next door's cat actually disappeared into one pile - poor thing!  Paul, being the big kid that he is, wanted to do the driving to the yard.  It was slow, but luckily the Landie coped OK.  Jay had a little walk outside his stable to see what all the fuss was about, but we weren't able to put him out in his paddock until later that day as the drifts were too deep.  Once out though, he proceeded to have a roll around, uncovered some grass and put his head down - not bothered at all!
Catching snowballs
Poppy enjoyed catching snow balls, and the rest of us enjoyed playing snow balls.  The snow was perfect for this, not that thin sticky stuff we usually get.  After lunch we took the Landie and the sledge up to the marsh road for a spot of fun.  With Paul doing the driving and the kids and me taking it in turns to ride the sledge behind - what a laugh!
Ben being pulled along in the sledge
The snow is still with us, a bit more icy now though, and I hear we have more on the way on Friday!
Sunset 7 Feb 2012
Across the way - sunset (7th Feb)


sue bulmer said...

hi elaine, thanks for stopping by on my blog and leaving a comment! It looks beautiful where you are, we are getting more snow her in Notts tonight too!! And I love Poppy, dogs are just the best. Mac, our Border Collie, thinks the snow is just great fun

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Aw, bless him. They do get very excited about it all don't they?