Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Sharing this Patchy with you ...

even though it sold within about half and hour of listing (yay - isn't it great when that happens?).
Ellie's Treasures
I've noticed that since adding some kind of enclosed pocket into my wallets they have been selling better.  This makes obvious sense, as it's an added bonus of a pocket with a bit more security.  A big thank you to a fellow crafter for suggesting this idea to me in the first place and now it's going to be taken one step further!

I had a message from a lady asking if I could put a zipped section in one of my wallets.  Big gulp - the one and only time I've sewn in a zip was to replace one on my favourite, and now rather scruffy, blue fleece.  That was pretty straightforward as the zipped section was quite big and I put in the new one in stages as I took out the old one (if you see what I mean). It's still working about 2 years after putting it in, so I must have done a thorough job of it!  Anyhow, I do like a challenge, so that's to be my next project.  I'm guessing they make zips that small, but we'll see - perhaps I'll even change the wallet design a bit.  It's time to expand and folk seem to like the idea of something totally unique in fabric combination and decoration, so an updated design may sell well.

As it happened I was about to list a new Patchy at Ellie's Treasures anyway.  This one was cut from denim (hand sewing denim is not pleasant, I have saw finger tips) with two different blue/white check fabrics to go with it.  It took me an afternoon (yes, I do take that long) to decide on the prettiest decoration for it and was very, very pleased with the end result.  Putting a little buttoned pocket on the cover was a good idea too (taken from an unwanted top my daugher had - recycling is my thing) - my lady with the zip question came back and bought it!
Ellie's Treasures


Fiddly Fingers said...

Hope the zips work out. I like this one in the picture though. Especially the gorgeous pretty flower button.

Sconch Textiles said...

Probably be best to buy continuous zip off a roll - that way you can cut it to whatever size you need, and then just pop a zipper head on it. Dunelm-Mill do fairly cheap zips - 50p a metre plus 99p for about 20 heads...

It looks fab by the way :)

Sam x

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Thank you Fiddly Fingers - I agree, the button is really pretty. I have a pack of them (all slightly different), and this is the first one I've used.

Thanks for the info Sam, am off to the "big town" today so will have a nosey in Dunelm.