Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The toy shop ...

Ellie's Treasures
window on my 42 year old advent calender is for the 5th day of December.  It's still one of my favourite windows, even after all these years, so I thought I'd photograph it to show you.  I've also chosen a few lovely toys from Folksy to showcase.  Hope you  like my choices - just click on the photo to go straight to the shop.

Emporium Candles and Rosehip Textiles

Maisy Muffin Rag Dolls

I Love Bags

Dab and a Dash

Blooming Buttons


Rebecca said...

Hello Elaine - thanks so much for featuring our doodlewraps :) Lovely blog!

liz said...

Thanks for visiting me, I don't feel quite so much as if I'm talking to myself now.
Love your advent calendar.

inspiral said...

That is a lovely Christmas scene. Great toys too, particularly like the dinosaur :-)