Sunday, 12 June 2011

Do you like it?

I've finally had a chance to update my blog.  All my blog posts will now be on this blog and no longer on all the individual blogs I used to have.  That is, all craft and shop related posts that were on elliestreasurescrafts and posts about Poppy (the dog) that were here will all be talked about here, the official Ellie's Treasures blog!  As I'm sure all you bloggers out there know, updating or setting up a blog takes alot of time, headaches and sore eyes.  Please bear with me, it's taken me two afternoons to get this far, that is to say, the little tabs at the top of the blog aren't yet ready for viewing.  I need inspiration to make them decent pages - that'll come after a glass or two of wine no doubt!  It's been wonderful looking through all my favourite blogs on-line to get inspiration for my new update.
Dandelion Marmalade
So, my first "new" post - I thought I'd tell you about the dandelion marmalade I made this week.  I came across the recipe through Make it and Mend it and seeing as how we seem to be over-run with dandelions in our garden this year, it made sense to do something useful with them.  I love making jam, but haven't always been successful!  Strawberry seems to be my easiest to make, no mistakes with that yet, but I did make a batch of blackcurrent jam once that had turned to rock when I tried to spoon it out of the jars.  It was a bit embarrassing actually because I'd freely given away jars of this jam to friends and family - they all probably thought I was trying to break their teeth.  I've been a little cagey giving away homemade jam ever since this episode, always testing a pot first, which is why, sadly, I still have all four of my dandelion marmalade in my cupboard.  It was an easy recipe to follow and smelt absolutely fabulous as I was preparing it.  Many a scoop of the amber nectar went into my mouth as I was pouring it into freshly warmed jars.  Two days later we opened the first jar to find it had all turned to sugar - 90% solid sugar - 10% liquid on the top.  No idea what I did wrong, and I felt a little guilty having made dear Ben pick all the required dandelion heads - and there were an awful lot I have to say.  Anyway, don't let me put you off, I'm sure, should I have had a jam thermometer to hand, all would have worked out perfectly. 

Give it a go and please let me know how your jam turns out.

2 comments: said...

Your blog is looking fantastic.I have never heard of Dandelion marmalade.There is plenty of Dandelions in the fields around my house,maybe I should give it a go:-)

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Thanks for re-commenting Elisa - much appreciated. x