Monday, 29 November 2010

Let there be light

Yonks ago I came across something, probably online as I seem to live on the PC, for turning tin cans into pretty tea-light holders.

All very simple.  Fill an empty, label peeled and thoroughly washed can with water and place in the freezer until frozen.  Try not to forget about them.  Ours stayed in the freezer for months before we finally got around to finishing the task!

While still frozen, carefully use a bodger (or sharp ended tool) and a hammer to tap out a pattern of dots around the can.  Please take care with this - especially with little hands and fingers.  The can will obviously be extremely cold and slippery too.  Ben placed his can between his legs to get a better grip - not really recommended though!
Gripping a frozen can between your knees - not really recommended
Tapping out holes around the edge of the cans
Once you've made your pattern, let the ice melt, dry the can and place your lit tea-light inside.  Makes a cheap and very cheerful decoration around the home.
A little blurred, but holding a camera for what seemed like many minutes while to get the right exposure is very difficult
OK, a little blurred maybe, but you get the idea!  Holding a camera while it does its "long exposure" thing is not fun!

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