Monday, 29 November 2010

Ben's jujitsu competition

Ben took part in his first Jujitsu competition yesterday, run by the martial arts school that he attends (KSOMA).  There were quite a few categories to take part in and another school, from Wales, also came along for the event.  Ben decided to participate in three categories doing one selection of moves (called a kata) on his own, the same kata in a group with two others and another kata, called a bo kata (which uses a long pole) in a group as well.  He, and his group members, practiced so hard, getting their timings just right, they deserved to do well on the day.

As Sunday approached the Ben's nerves were beginning to kick in, and I was a little worried he would fall apart on the Sunday morning.  To top this, he didn't get much sleep the night before.  As it was, we he was perfectly OK, although still nervous!  With a careful drive through the snow to the venue and a long wait for his first class, his nerves where building even more.  He was spot on though - not hitches at all, and once things got going he was really into it all.

With the two schools put together there seemed quite a few children taking part and the atmosphere was fabulous with everyone clapping and really taking an interest in the moves the children were doing.

Ben came away with a lovely medal for placing 2nd with his team for the kata, as well as a medal for taking part.  He was pretty happy with himself and I was a very proud mum.
Ben - Jujitsu comp medal 2010 - group Kata 1

Ben - Jujitsu comp medal 2010

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