Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Remember, remember the ...

6th November (in this case).
We hosted a bonfire party for the home ed group, family and friends last Saturday and couldn't believe our luck with the weather.  Watching the forecast for most of the week, it was hit or miss as to whether Saturday would be a wash out or not!  As it happened the wind died down, it stayed relatively mild (for November) and we all managed to stay outside until 9 ish to enjoy the fireworks, bonfire and barbeque (and, for the children, the trampoline).
It was lovely to have so many people come along seeing as how we are in a rather remote area!  Everyone brought along yummy grub and drink to share as well as food to cook and we had such a collection of fireworks it took a couple of hours to get through them all.
We were also able to witness a fabulous firework display from the pub next door, so a huge amount of bangs, whizzes and whirls were happening at that time around our little area.  Luckily, and surprisingly, Poppy didn't bat an eyelid at any of it (probably too intent on trying to source food from the barbeques, ground, kitchen or hand!).  After the firework display we had ample sparklers for everyone to enjoy at least three or four each!

I think we can safely say we all had a very enjoyable evening. 
All the photos were taken on Katie's camera by her friend Sophie.  I just love the ones of the sparklers - the patterns are brilliant.


dawny said...

yes ilove the sparkler pictures too :-) looks like a great time xx

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

thanks Dawny. x