Friday, 14 May 2010


All four of us enjoy taking pics with the camera and there have been some stunning photos produced at times. However, often we try and try to snap a particular shot and it just doesn't come out as we had hoped.

This was the case with Ben "telling the time" with a dandelion clock. I really wanted to get the little seeds flying off, which I have managed in the last two pictures, but not quite as I wanted. I guess I need a stand and remote and manage to focus on the flying seeds to get the pic just right.

Anway, I took a bundle and I thought these were quite nice:




It was 12 mid-day and Ben did manage to blow off all the seeds in 12 blows!


Lima said...

I like the middle on the best, which is your favourite?

It's annoying when you know exactly what you want to shoot and it doesn't happen, but hey they're still great pics xx

Anonymous said...

you know I'm sure i commented on here , it must ghave got gobbled
ben's lovely cheeky face with that dandelion clock is priceless :)

Ellie's Treasures said...

Lima, I love the first pic - Ben looks really cheeky in it!

Dawn, not sure what happened to your original comment, guess you're right about it being gobbled up!