Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Curry cooked by Katie

Katie enjoys cooking. She often digs out the mixing bowl and necessary ingredients to make a cake should there not be one available to munch on for snacks!

This week she decided to cook an entire meal - an Indian - all from scratch. There was to be a main dish, two side dishes and some chapatis, but a trip to the library and brilliant find of a book all about India and some of the dishes you can cook lead her to also produce some delicious vegetable samosas which went well with the shop bought popadoms and chutney as a starter.

Photos of curry rarely look fabulous, and this one certainly doesn't look appetising, but trust me, it tasted fabulous.

Katie's curry
so we have: chicken curry with rice, lentil dhal and sag aloo with a chapati too.

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D said...

hey lovely :) well done x