Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Intentions, goals and achievements

With 2015 firmly behind us (and nearly at the end of January already), I've been inspired to set some "intentions, goals and achievements" for my shop - thanks to an Etsy blog post that pinged into my email box.

It's quite easy to slow down once the rush of Christmas has passed and family life kicks in again, so having a few goals, a bit like resolutions, will hopefully keep me creating and listing in these quieter few months.

Having taken a few weeks to think through my list of goals and how I could possibly achieve them, I've come up with five.  There's some, like adding new ideas, which are very achievable (like the boat brooch with an original phrase printed on it) and others that will need a little push to get there!  This, I  think, this is the whole idea - don't set too many really difficult goals as you'll lose faith and give up.  By reviewing the intentions and goals regularly (perhaps give a review date/deadline), you can alter them if need be to either become more achievable, extend the intention to make it harder or, ticked off as a big achievement already!

One of the suggestions in the blog post was to aim to increase sales by a percentage each year.  It was an interesting project comparing the number of sales through Folksy, Etsy, bricks/mortar and private buyers through 2014/15 and then 2015/16 (to date).  It was great to see I've already increased my total sales, especially through Etsy, so I've set my intention to a 10% rise on 2014/15 (April to April) and will need to get five more orders in the next two and a bit months.  They may not sound many, but for me, that's quite a few and enough to make me get out there and market a little more and try and increase the number of items available to purchase.

Doing this little project, as well as taking part in the Etsy Resolution 2016, is certainly giving me that little zing!  A kind of warm buzz that's often needed to keep motivation going.

Hope you are all doing well in your new year resolutions.  Do any of you have goals for 2016?  A change in direction perhaps, or something exciting to look forward to?  Pop in a comment to let me know :-)


Gemma Esprey said...

A great idea, Elaine. I think my biggest goal for this year is to not lose confidence in myself as has happened the last two! I had two very long breaks before talking myself back in to trying again. I'm going to keep trying and making new things that I'm passionate about xx

Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

That's great Gemma. I think many folk who are artistic lose confidence in themselves and their work from time to time which is such a shame, but great when you are able to pick up and start over - motivation is the key it seems. I have you have a fabulous year.