Thursday, 7 January 2016

A Spring like Winter

According to Sky News, December 2015 has been the wettest month since records began and the warmest in 105 years.  The UK flooding has been quite unbelievable and I'm extremely pleased we have escaped disaster ... so far.

When you own a horse, your favourite website/app is one that provides detailed (and hopefully accurate) daily weather forecasts and it's been a roller coaster of fluctuating temperatures since Winter began.  At one point in the last month the temperature was warm enough to contemplate putting my horse out without any rug whatsoever (something I've never even considered during previous Winters).  The weather is weird at the moment - temperatures rise, then fall, one minute it's calm, the next you're battling to stay upright because of the strong gusts of wind.  All very strange indeed and quite unsettling.  The ground is a squelching mess, blossom is appearing on our neighbour's tree and the birds are singing in the early evening as if it's a warm Summer night!

You can imagine my surprise when the yard owner handed me a couple of bunches of daffodils last week, picked by her farmer husband.  Apparently there's a field of them not too far from me, all having bloomed far too early of course.  Naturally they look super, a sign of Spring, but also a little strange standing next to the Christmas decorations!


Julia K Walton said...

Wow! That must be a first - daffodils this early in the year! We actually had a bit of snow on Friday (here in Southern Scotland) for the first time this winter. Quite a shock after the mild weather =:oO

Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

These last two days have been much colder here too - and I hear there's snow on the way!