Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Family holiday at Bluestone, Wales

Once a year, the close family on my side get together for a bit of a "do" at my sister's house.  Last year, during said "do" we all decided it would be lovely to have a short holiday away together as we all get along so well and have a bit of a laugh when we're together.  A five night stay was booked at Bluestone, South West Wales - a complex similar to Centre Parcs with chalets surrounding a central small village, lots of daily activities, large fun swimming pool, bike hire and no a car policy (except upon arrival and departure).  We had four chalets in two pairs that interlinked should we wish to un-link to get together - which we did each day and evening.

These few days went by so fast - a whirlwind of fun, laughter, learning, touring, hunting, eating and drinking!  With keen geocachers in the group, there was plenty of opportunity to hunt down geo-treasure in the woods surrounding Bluestone and also a little further afield.  Ben was really into this (we'd had a poor start to geocaching in our local village so this re-boosted his interest) and dug in with his team mates to source caches in the strangest of disguises.

On site activities that some of us pre-booked were archery, lazer clay shoot and kayaking - all great fun and all well presented by the activity leaders. Ben and I took a wander through the tall pines down Steep Revine into Camp Smokey (an area for bbqs etc, etc) and spotted the very scary long zip wires that went from one end of the forest to the other.  I think if we went again, we may book onto the High Ropes and Zip Wire activities and Katie and Ben were eager to get a group together for Woodland Warriers (paintball fun without the paint).

On Thursday some of us booked to go on a horse trek at Crosswell Riding Stables, a 40 mins drive from Bluestone.  The back road journey was spectacular and we had time to stop off and visit Pentre Ifan burial chamber on our way.  In our group of 9, only 2 of us had done any riding either at all or within the last decade or so!  For me, the last time I rode a horse for more than a few minutes was 14 years ago.  It was nice to get back in the saddle, although I think I prefer to have my feet on the ground!  My mount was Cariad (meaning "love") and she looked after me during our 30 minute trek.  She was the boss and didn't like other horses trying to overtake her - she'd weave slightly if she sensed another getting too close!  We all had a brilliant 1/2 hour at such a very friendly and welcoming riding centre.

We spent every evening of our holiday playing board and card games, many of which were filmed as we became more and more rowdy as the evening wore on.  We had late nights and fairly early starts which, for me, began to take its toll by the time we came to leave on Friday morning.  The journey home was long and we were all shattered when the key turned in lock.

It was a brilliant little break - would certainly like to do another holiday like this - perhaps a little longer next time so we can chill a little more.

fun in Wales

Top: Blue stone complex - sunset.  We took Boris and he enjoyed his trip!  Pretty Tenby.
Middle: Seagulls at Tenby.  Family archery.  Zip wire across the Steep Revine.
Bottom: Lazer clay shoot.  Pentre Ifan burial chamber.  Paul and me on our steeds.

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FireHorse3 said...

It looks like a fun-filled holiday - great action photos! :)

Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

Thank you - it was super fun!

Colours and Textures said...

Sounds like there was something for you all to do.