Saturday, 25 January 2014

First drive of the year - Ravesby, Lincolnshire

It was beautifully sunny this morning so hubs suggested a drive out towards Coningsby (Lincolnshire) to find a lane in Ravesby (near Boston).  The Red Lion, a welcoming looking pub, was right by the turn off to the lane and it's one we'll put on our list to visit.  I say this because far too often we're out and about and fancy a drink or bite to eat and never know where to go!  This year, when we see a decent looking pub I'm going to record it for future use.  The website has details of grub available, including the daily specials, and I see it also has accommodation too.
The Red Lion, Ravesby
The lane was partly concreted to start with and then fairly rough ground until it reached a bridge over the fast flowing Catchwater Drain.  Past this the lane was far too boggy to venture on to - visions of us getting completely stuck flashed into our minds (we've been there before) - so we didn't risk it.  Instead we stopped by the water and had a cuppa and donut (as you do) and Poppy had a mooch about for a bit.

tea break at Ravesby
Spot the new light bar - they're seriously bright!

We headed towards Sibsey for our journey home as there's a working six sail trader windmill there and Paul wanted to pick up some mill ground flour to make bread tomorrow morning.  As we arrived the rain decided to fall, and it continued to fall for our journey home.  Not only heavy rain, but flashes of lightening too and reports of hail stones once we'd reached home. Such weird weather we're having.


Vicky Myers said...

HIi, Your explorations out to a nice pub sound great:) Nice to meet a fellow blogger and etsy seller, found you through Craft Blog UK dshare your blog, Vicky

Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

Thanks for dropping by Vicky.