Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Liebster Award - thank you Marie

Firstly I'd like to thank Marie at Ride with no Eyes blog for giving me a Liebster Award.  "Liebster" is a German word with the meaning "beloved/dearest" and the award can be given to blogs with less than 200 followers.  There are a few rules attached to this award which, among other things, asks me to answer the following questions presented to me by Marie.  Although I'm over-the-moon to be given a Liebster and happy to link back to Marie's inspiring blog, I won't be ticking off all the requests on the Liebster Award list.

Where do you want to travel most in the world?
I have no particular desire to travel anywhere. I've always enjoyed being at home, or holidaying in my own country.  In fact, we're considering taking a holiday in Norfolk next year, which is just 30-40 mins drive away from home!!

You are stuck on a desert island, you can only take 3 objects or beings with you, what or who do you choose?
I'm a bit of a loner so, as much as I love them 100%, please forgive me for not saying my husband and two children!  My initial splurt out answer would be my iphone and charger but hey, that would be useless as there'll be no electricity.  Let's see (1) I'd take one of our cats, probably Pepper as he's a bit of a lap cat and very much a loner too.  He'd be lovely company for me and I know he'd be over-the-moon to have all the attention for a change. (2) An interesting, in-depth horse book that would keep me occupied for a long time.  Probably something on anatomy.  (3) A chunky drawing book with pencil and rubber - love doodling and drawing when I have lots of spare time (hence the reason I hardly ever do it).

What is your favourite cuisine?
Love the majority of foods but guess I'll go for curry.

What is your favourite domestic and wild animal and why?
Cat.  Some may be surprised I didn't say horse or dog as I have both and love them dearly.  However, a cat is different - they are independent, loving, playful, full of character and small enough to cuddle.  Giraffe - they are so very graceful and have beautiful eyelashes!

What quality do you most value in yourself or others?
Helpfulness and genuine kindness.  The older I get the more I want to help others and appreciate others helping me, should I ask for it.  Doing the odd little deed to help someone out is great, doing it with genuine kindness is something else.

What is your earliest childhood memory?
I thought it may be when I was about 2, holidaying right by the water on the Norfolk Broads and being tied to the end of a long piece of rope/elastic tied around a tree so I didn't fall in the water.  However, I actually think this memory is purely for seeing film of this event.  Another that comes to me is burning my bare legs (it was the 70s, mini skirts and all that) on the brown plastic back seats of Dad's Renault 6 in the height of summer after a picnic somewhere.

Chicken or the egg?
Ha! No idea - chicken?

Does charity begin at home?
Indeed it does.  But then again, now I think about it, perhaps not so much - I'd like to think I'm charitable to all actually.

What is your favourite period in history?
Ooh, good one - do love reading about the Tudor era, but also World War II is very interesting.

Who inspires you?
Youngsters that have a goal and make sure they'll achieve it.  I like that.

What is your big dream right now?
I once read "if you don't have a dream, you may as well be dead".  Nice eh?  I'm quite happy with my lot to be honest and don't think I do have a dream.  I do have a goal to try and get enough money together to refit the house with (much needed) new windows and doors - perhaps that's a bit of a dream, but I see it happening at some point in my life and until it does, I'm happy to just wait and hope the wood holds up!!

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