Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Life at Ellie's Treasures HQ

In the last month we've lost one and seemed to have gained one - pets that is.  Ben's gorgeous fantail fish swam off to watery heaven this week, which is sad but he/she was an fabulous age, probably around 8 years old so I'm guessing it was a natural end.
With one down, another appears.  This fluff ball, who we've named Toscanini seems to have attached herself to us.  She started appearing in the garden a few weeks ago and then she'd made herself at home inside the old rabbit hutch and, of course, I started putting a bit of food out for her as she's quite thin.  Within a few days she was coming closer and closer towards the house asking for her food.  Eventually she wandered in and has now taken residence on the comfy snug chair.  She has a biggish belly, so I'm hoping she's not carrying a litter - guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it!  No one has shown signs of looking for her, no posters up in the village or anything and she's not in the best condition.

It was interesting to see how the other cats adapted to her being in the house. Kan, himself once a stray, accepted Tosca immediately and completely ignores her, like he does the others (unless they're in his space).  Tilly was a little wary to begin with and gave her a wide birth but was happy to share the same space to eat.  Pepper, forever the sensitive, was completely put out, hissing and yowling like a demented wild animal, staying out unless he knew the coast was completely Tosca free.  He was so angry with everyone and everything it was more over-the-top than usual for him and eventually we found out why.  He had a huge abscess on his side, bigger than a golf ball.  Luckily we were able to let it drain and he's back to being sensitive but no longer yowling!  He's still a little put out by Tosca, but at least he'll eat in the same room as her now.
Tilly - caught red handed
Tilly - caught red-handed munching on Poppy's food!

We took Poppy along to Long Sutton show to have a go at the dog show this year.  She did very well a couple of years ago and I thought it would be fun to try and win a rosette (or two) again this time.  Freshly bathed and in her best lead we entered the “prettiest bitch” class along with, perhaps, 30 others.  No contest, didn’t get a look in!  I was going to put her in for “veteran” but got chatting to friends and decided the rosettes weren’t worth the catching up and enjoying all the other horsey activities taking place.  It was a fun afternoon, but very hot.

Tilney show - 1st 1'9
Jay and Katie have been doing very well with shows.  A few months back Katie decided to take him along to Spalding Riding Club show to just try the clear round to see if Jay was capable of jumping a course of jumps.  He loved it, flew round and they got their clear round rosette.  This spurred Katie on to try a full class and so we took him along to Wisbech & District Riding Club show a month later.  He came fourth in that class, having jumping two clear rounds at 2’.  Last month she took Jay to Tilney Riding Club show and competed against some other horses at 1’9”.  The first round they went clear and were put through to the jump off with four other horses (the class had been split into horses and ponies) and Jay managed the jump off in such a fabulous time that matched that of the ponies.  Mr. Speedy himself I think.  They came first which was absolutely fabulous.
  XC at Castledyke
Last weekend they took part in a charity pleasure ride and were able to jump a few cross country jumps which was good fun.  Next … back to Spalding show to take part in the 2’ novice class.

Ben - ju-jitsu demo
Summer = ju-jitsu demonstrations for Ben and his martial arts team and also another grading which means he’s now on first purple belt.  Inching ever closer to the black!  During the summer holidays he’s going to do a three day intensive “gain a grade” session to up two belts at his next grading.

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