Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Winter days

I've experienced many beautiful sunrises and sunsets since the colder months but I haven't been able to capture them usually due to the fact I haven't got my phone with me (early morning Poppy walks) or I'm driving to the stables (in the evening) and thinking I'll reach the yard before the sun's gone down so I can take a quick pic. Every time, the sun's disappeared before I've reached the yard. It's amazing how quickly a winter sun travels downwards towards the horizon on these short days! Anyway, I had Paul with me the other evening and, with a gorgeous sunset ahead of me, suggested I pull over so he could use my phone to capture it. It's never quite as magical through a photograph, but I thought I'd share it with you anyway. Sunset

There was no sunset tonight, although there was a beautiful sunrise to start with, across fields of heavy frost (but of course my phone was snug at home!).  Instead we had the thickest fog - thick enough to restrict visibility to just a few feet in front of me.  It's weird how you do a route every day, twice a day, and yet, when you can't actually see the road, you're completely lost!  "When's the next bend", "I'm sure this section is straight"!  So dangerous - driving at stupidly slow speeds hoping you don't end up in a ditch!   Stay save out their people!

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Chel C said...

That fog was awful. Very hard to concentrate on two red lights in front for 20 odd minutes. The sunsets/rises around here are beautiful though. Take care. Chel