Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A family catch up post

It's been a while hasn't it? 

Things have been busy with new school work schedules.  Katie has finally decided on three subjects at GCSE for next Summer - ICT, computer studies and art.  We shall have to go all the way over to Bristol to sit the art exam at quite a large expense, fingers crossed she does well!  College open days are currently on the agenda to find out a bit more on the media (TV and film) course that she'd like to take next Autumn.  We've been to Peterborough Regional College so far and was hugely impressed with the enthusiasm from the tutors and the amazing studios they use for their teaching and practical work.  They have transport from a town 10 miles away from us - a 7:20 a.m. start 4 mornings out of 5 - will be quite a change in routine if she decides to go there!  The only other two college options we have are Stamford and Kings Lynn.  Their open days are next month - looking forward to comparing.

Ben is also working on GCSEs - maths and ICT.  I'm considering putting him in for the ICT exam in the Summer, along with Katie, so he has someone to go in with.  It's a big step for him as he'll be 13 but he's more than capable of the work, not too sure if he'll cope with the pressure though.

The annual ju-jitsu competition happened at the beginning of the month with Ben taking part in a number of categories.  This year the competition, judged by an outsider, was purely in-house.  In previous years they have competed against a fabulous group from Wales, but I think the snow and freezing weather last year put them off planning future Autumn/Winter trips away from home!
Jujitsu comp 2012
He showed off his stuff and came away with a some medals and a trophy which was very well deserved.

We held our annual firework party last weekend - a weekend earlier than normal so it became a Hallowe'en event too.  Lots of chatter, grub, hot cups of tea and coffee (and the odd glass of wine too), bbq, fireworks and, of course, sparklers!  The last two years we've had dry (and even warm as I recall) evenings, but this year we'd had a lead up week of rain, sleet and strong winds.  To our amazement, the weather forecast was correct for Saturday evening - clear skies and dry!  By 3:30 p.m. the weather had settled and although it was still bitterly cold, the bbq and fireworks were able to go ahead as planned.
fireworks 2012
Our four hens are doing fabulously - they all seem to get along well, just a few minor quarrels at feeding time!  No eggs to speak of  (I know the weather doesn't help) although either Mrs. Tiggs or Lola occasionally drop a tiny, tiny brown egg for us (I have yet to know if there's actually a yolk inside - should crack one and see).  Flo, and sometimes are sister Ebb, will fly over the main gate to follow me when taking Poppy for her morning walk.  Luckily they haven't ventured too far up the road, but it makes me laugh when we come back home and they run after us eager to have their breakfast.  Running hens are the funniest things :0)
Tiny egg!
Will post about Ellie's Treasures in a couple of days as I'm in the process of adding postage prices for those wishing to buy from abroad - just in time for Christmas.

Have a good week  Happy Hallowe'en!

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