Sunday, 29 April 2012

A couple of new things ...

available at Ellie's Treasures.

There's a cute key fob/keyring (or even key chain!), which could also be used as a zip-pull.  I love the colour of the background felt.  I initially thought it was Marine Blue, but then came across Oxford Blue through Google, both seem similar in colour to what I've used so have listed it under both colours!  The little tibetan silver fairy cottage is beautifully detailed.  I used this charm before and just love it - nestled between trees and bushes.  The yellow sun adds a touch of warmth - something we could all do with at the moment.

Ellie's Treasures

My latest item is a new tree brooch, this time in pretty Spring green, with amber seed beads surrounded by swirls.  Underneath the tree top is another fabulously detailed tibetan silver charm - this time a stag/deer.  The perfect accessory, being hand sewn and quite unique - perfect simply to display too.

Ellie's Treasures

Both available from my shops on Etsy or Folksy.

Keep dry - hopefully the sun and warmer weather will be back soon.


Cards with a Difference said...

Gorgeous new items, Elaine. Well done.

RainbowhART said...

ooh i LOVE these! =] they're adorable

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Thank you so much xx