Sunday, 4 December 2011

Little gifts ...

at great prices are the top of most people's lists, especially with the financial problems that so many are experiencing.

Sourcing well made and individual perfect presents, whether for your child's teacher, friends, Secret Santa or to fill a stocking or two doesn't have to be too difficult.  Save traipsing around the high street, getting hot and bothered, stay warm at home, grab a cup of your favourite beverage (or glass of your favourite tipple!) and start browsing, at your leisure, online. 
Ellie's Treasures - hand sewn brooch

There's a huge amount of choice once you start to look.  Many, many designers and crafters are selling their wares online and you'll be purchasing items that have been lovingly made and quite unique. You'll come across people who will bend over backwards to ensure the item you buy has been beautifully packaged and swiftly dispatched.  Overall, a far better service than in a high street store.

At Ellie's Treasures, all my items have been carefully made right from the very beginning.  Hand cut, hand sewn and each one just a little different in some way.
Ellie's Treasures - fairy toadstool brooch
My selection of brooches, which I am constantly adding to, will make fabulous little gifts.  Also the two remaining Union Jack key fobs, an ideal present bearing in mind next year's patriotic celebrations - the Olympic Games and Jubilee.

Ellie's Treasures - key rings

Make a change this season, shop from independent sellers, I think you'll be pleased you did.


liz said...

Lovely brooches, sent a link of the pony one to a friend who might like it.

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Thank you Liz, that's very kind of you. Elaine