Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Jingle bell, jingle bell ...

jingle bell rock....

Just love that festive tune and, to be honest, only got to know of it a few years ago (a few? I'm talking the 80s?) when I do believe it featured at the beginning of one of the Die Hard movies!

Well the reason I've bought this up is not just because Christmas is now approaching at break-neck speed, but because I was cheekily tagged by a fellow Folksy seller and lovely twitter mate, Reddskinbags to blog about my favourite festive tune and tag others to do the same.  I'm not really into tagging, but hey, it's Christmas!

When I started to think about my favourite tune, so many others sprang to mind that I now don't think "Jingle Bell Rock" is my favourite.  I'm sorry, this does seem to happen far too often these days - I really should spend more time thinking about far more interesting and pressing problems!

So, I'm changing my mind, it's got to be "It's beginning to look alot like Christmas" because I found myself singing this the whole year round!  But then again, I do love the Karen Carpenter one, which is on my Ipod and so gets frequently heard too.  Hang on, what about Jona Lewie's Stop the Cavalry?  Don't know why I love this, just reminds me of my childhood (no, I wasn't born in the war or anything!!) and Chris Rea's Driving Home for Christmas reminds me of the time my dear hubby went home to his parents and took our cat with him (long story, cat refused to go to the cattery) and he was stuck in traffic jams with himself and the cat both desperate for a toilet break! OK, promise one more, one more - It's a most wonderful time of the year.

OK, I'm putting my hands up, I've cheated big time - I'm sorry, I just can't choose a favourite, they're all fab and all put a smile on my face and make me think of the big man himself (in true Coca-cola style).  I adore carols too and could happily sing out loud in my best voice, if only the kids would let me.

I hope you enjoy listening to my picks :0)

Now for tagging - Trinket Box, Audrey's Cat, Dab and a Dash and Swirly Arts - let's read about your favourite festive tune - if you have one (or more, of course!!).

Happy Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Ho Ho Ho!
That's so funny you big cheat! Chris Rea features heavily every year. I must agrees I love a good Christmas Carol belted out in the shower! Thanks for taking part - t'was fun wasn't it?
K x

liz said...

Well you didn't tag me but I thought I'd answer anyway:) I like Chris Rea's driving home for Christmas because he was always a favourite of mine, and I like it even more since I saw Judge John Deed dancing in the 2009 video.

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Thanks for your comments ladies.

Liz - happy for your to leave your festive fav. Wish I'd seem the video - do love that man!