Saturday, 24 September 2011

Harvesting the lavender

The utility room smells fabulous now that I've had a chance to cut all the lavender from the front garden ready for storing and using in my heart lavender bags.  It's amazing how much lavender is needed to fill each bag and I'm not too sure how far this year's crop will go but I have my eye on a neighbour's very large lavender bush - just plucking up the courage to ask if I may give it a bit of a cut!
Ellie's Treasures

Following on from my previous post, life still seems to be manic (you'll see why in a bit - I'll post about what's been going on very soon, promise) - but I do believe I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel - for now!  Due to this manicness (if that's a word), Ellie's Treasures hasn't been restocked in while, but I do have plenty of lovely things just needing to be finished off ready to list.  I've very aware that the "season of goodwill" will soon be upon us and judging by my shop analytics, folk are already looking for my dolly-peg Santas.  I have six in the pipeline, just waiting for their Santa sacks, but I probably won't be listing anything Christmassy until October - oops, that's next week :0) - where does the time go?

I'm also working on a few custom orders (I love doing these) so have naturally been concentrating on these more than anything else.  Here's a custom lavender heart that was sent out this last week.  The lady asked for the two dogs to resemble her sister-in-law's little terriers.  She sent me some photos to distinguish their colourings - luckily it was fairly simple as they're mainly white with one little patch of colour on their tails.  Also, the brief was to use Leeds United colours - she's a big supporter apparently!  Rather cute I thought.
Ellie's Treasures


Cajame said...

How lucky to have your own lavender. It's my all time favourite flower. Just love it. Something about the simplicity of the plant. The colour. The smell. Just beautiful.

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Indeed. I also like to use crushed cloves, especially in Christmas goodies - but sadly, they're not so easy to grow lol!

Shoogly Beads said...

I also love lavender but somehow it just will not grow for me...I have to make do with lavender oil!