Monday, 15 August 2011

Purrrrfect puss

One of my favourite shops on Folksy is Dottery Pottery - I could buy so many pretty things from here, it all looks so fresh and gorgeous.

I have a little bird in a cage necklace (very similar to this one) that is hanging in my kitchen and gets so many comments.  The colours blend well together and it really stands out as an unique piece of work.

Dottery Pottery is one of the first shops I look at when present hunting, and so for my mum-in-law (a lover of cats) I couldn't resist this darling puss.  It was actually listed as a brooch which wasn't really what Mum was after so Sarah, the shop owner, said she'd make one as a necklace for her.

Here it is.  I love the little personal touch on the business card - for a button lover like me, this was an added bonus!
Dottery Pottery
I decided to use my first ever fabric gift tag for this gift too as I was so pleased with it.  I have a couple of specialised ones in my shop (for exam passes) and am in the process of making a set for general use, like the one below.  I use printable fabric for the "to" and "from" section and as you can see, you can write on it perfectly well with a normal biro.  Just a little different to card tags and something special the recipient can keep to remember a special day or present.
Ellie's Treasures


dotterypottery said...

Thanks so much for the blog post about the shop : )
I love the fabric tag that you made for the present - it's a great personal touch x

Tanya from Cards with a Difference said...

Great gift. I love Dottery Pottery's items and may be tempted to buy something for myself. Hope your mum likes the cat. Great idea with the fabric gift tag too.