Friday, 15 July 2011

Knitting lessons by:

The Sequinned Sheep
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The Sequinned Sheep

The Sequinned Sheep is an online shop based in Guildford, Surrey selling glamorous, sparkly knitted and crocheted items stocked by Alice and her sister.  Alice's love of knitting stems back to childhood with her Nanny teaching her, at a young age, the fine art of using wool and a pair of needles!.  During her teens she started to make intricate and delicate items which eventually lead her to opening an online shop in 2009.

The Sequinned Sheep

Knitting lessons are informal, enjoyable, productive and completely geared to what the customer wants, working at a pace suitable to each particular client.  One lady had been taught to knit as a child and asked to re-learn. Over a course of several lessons, the lady was taught the very basics to begin with (casting on, knit and purl stitch and casting off), progessing through to following a pattern and eventually knitting a tea-cosy as a Christmas present for a relative.  She was delighted with the result proving that lessons helped to build not just a skill, but confidence too.

The Sequinned Sheep

Lessons are one-on-one, in the client's own home, although they can be held in a coffee shop accompanied by a hot chocolate and good natter!  Alice also requests her clients to practice their new skill between lessons encouraging them to remember what has been taught so they quickly become independent in the art of their craft.

The Sequinned Sheep

Contact Alice through the links above if you'd like more details on taking a course of lessons.


Rosa Lily (Pen) said...

I love the fingerless gloves, dont know if I would have enough patience for knitting xx

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Yes, they're gorgeous gloves aren't they - love the colour.

Lona B. said...

Congrats Sequinned, your work is beautiful! If I had those lovely hands I think I would show them off with those lovely gloves!

Anna Hamilton-Gunn said...

I'm also loving those gloves! (And the nail polish!) I bought a similar pair last year & love them so much I'm going to have a go at knitting my own this year - sadly, I doubt they will be as pretty! Does Alice have her own blog? I could really use some hints & tips!
Thank you Elaine for showing us more about this talented lady! x

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Hi Anna. No, at the mo Alice doesn't have a blog although tonight on Twitter she was saying she should start one! Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment.