Tuesday, 5 July 2011

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Jo Lucksted Ceramics
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Jo runs workshops and parties for complete novices in the art of button making using clay.  They are held once a month in a boutique haberdashery called Millie Moon on Catherine Hill, Frome, Somerset (a beautiful part of town with lots of Artisan and Vintage shops).  She also runs workshops at her own studio, Town Street, Shepton Mallet - these are arranged to suit the participants - daytime or evenings.
Jo Lucksted Ceramics
All the equipment and glazes are provided and fired buttons are usually returned within 2 weeks.  There are three different decorative techniques, scraffito (the glaze is drawn through to reveal the clay underneath), impressed patterns (where interesting objects are brought to the session by the client and pressed into or rolled onto porcelain) and abstract waste buttons (formed from using scrap off-cuts of clay and rolling them into speckled stoneware clay to form abstract patterns).
Jo Lucksted Ceramics
About 35- 45 buttons can be made and any masterpieces can be turned into brooches or fridge magnets if desired.  Those that have taken part in one of Jo's workshops go on to use their buttons in their own sewing or needlecraft projects, to make jewellery, to sew on cards or even to make their own wedding bunting.
Jo Lucksted
Button making parties are for up to 10 people. The cost of the workshops are £30 for 3 hours with parties getting a reduction for bulk booking.Jo Lucksted Ceramics

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