Monday, 28 February 2011

Been doing a spot of science ...

and geography too.  Ben has always been interested in science but a new spark of interest lead us to doing some experiments over the last few weeks.  As he's keen on this subject I dug out an all-sciences workbook for him to look through but to tell you the truth it didn't have any "hands-on" fun, just loads of blurb, so understandably that was ditched in no time at all! 

He's been doing experiments on pressure, surface tension and understanding crystals all using the Usborne books that we have.  He's been following his chemistry kit work book to learn a variety of wonderful things and finally he's been learning (and have great fun and games) with his Science Museum magnet set.

On the geography side of things we came across an ad in the paper for a set of detailed cards on countries of the world together with a free world map all for 99p.  This turned up during the week and Ben has been scouring the map for weird and wonderful countries (mainly those that are tiny, tiny dots in an ocean somewhere), looking up the facts about them and also finding out more through Google Earth.  He seems to be fascinated by Greenland too (OK, so that's not a tiny dot of an island) and has completed a fact sheet featuring the things that he particularly likes about the country.  All very informative.

You can read about some of the science experiments Ben's been doing on his blog, here.


Have Fun - Live Life said...

Have you tried Super Charged Science? It has loads of hands on experiments, with videos and a little reading and quizzes. We've just started using it and so far we are really impressed.

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Thanks that looks interesting. I've signed up for the freebies! Enjoyed browsing your blog, lots of wonderful links in there. Elaine