Monday, 27 December 2010

Thanks to Poppy ...

... Katie and Ben are getting some regular exercise!

We were given a fabulous fire guard recently which, once I'd got it home and tried to assemble the pieces, realised it is way to big for any of our open fires!  I put it, folded up, to one side in the garden thinking perhaps it could be used to keep Billy the rabbit in one place when grazing on the grass.  In the mean time, Katie's found a brilliant use for it - as a jump for Poppy!  Before the snow and ice, she was taking Poppy out into the garden for a jumping session two or three times a day, previously using garden canes and my best ceramic flower pots as posts, but now using sections of the fire guard.  Poppy's jumping has come on in leaps and bounds (excuse the pun), but snow kind of stopped play so... it's now moved indoors.

Because it's much warmer and the canes can be moved to a higher position, Katie and Ben have also started jumping on a regular basis.  Guess it helps to keep them fit!



Poppy, the pro

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dawny said...

look at Poppy's ears bless her , she looks as if she is really loving it !!
Love to you all and hope you had a lovely Christmas xx