Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Award

Ooh, thank you Lisa from Have Fun - Live Life blog - a fellow home edder with a lovely interesting blog and lots of wonderful links too.

The rules for receiving this award are that I have to name seven things about myself as well as list my choice of blogs to pass the award on to.  Here's my list of seven things - as for the blogs to pass it on to, I'm going to have a think for a day or two as I follow so many wonderful blogs it'll be a hard decision.

(1)  I like to sing and it drives my family up the wall.  The older my children get, the more I get it in the neck for singing!  I hum along to most tunes whether pop songs, musical numbers or classical lovelies.

(2)  I like to make up silly ditties and silly rhymes (this must go along with the singing I guess).  Sometimes the ditties are made up to help the children remember something during their learning - other times it's purely for fun and often a little rude!

(3)  I love animals and would gladly open my house to every creature that needed a good home.  Sadly, purse strings are only soooo long and have presently limited my house to 1 dog, 3 cats, 1 rabbit, 1 rat, 1 chicken and 2 fish - that of course could change at any time - the door is open.

(4)  I love my family.  I enjoy watching my children grow up and change, I love to see how comfortable they are with themselves, with their hobbies and their way of life.

(5)  I'm a Taurian - born in May.  I don't think I'm a "bull in a china shop", but I do think the notion that a Taurian is loyal, down to earth and just a little stubborn is very true of me.  I don't really follow the stars, but do believe in the character traits of the 12 zodiac signs and like to work out signs of the people I meet.

(6)  I believe there is "someone" up there that looks out for us.  Many times a path has been laid for me and my family to follow - things happen by chance - it's truly amazing.

(7)  I live in rural Lincolnshire and love it here.

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dawny said...

Hey Elaine Lincolnshire isn't far from me at all - it would be great to meet up :)