Thursday, 5 August 2010

Our learning... and more doodling

Things have been quiet here on the "sit down and work" front, although in other respects we've been pretty busy!  I thought this blog post over at Classroom Free about learning was interesting and thought provoking.  This last year has probably been the most relaxed in our formal education since the children came out of school many moons ago.  The only subject we look at on a regular basis is maths, purely because I've found any long breaks in this subject result in having to return to the basics, time and time again!  However, the children, and I, have covered so many other things throughout the year and we've all been constantly learning, whether it's been at the desk, on the PC, through games, the great outdoors, with friends, child lead or me sourcing stuff for them.  In my opinion this has worked well for us and I'll probably continue along these lines for the time being.  The wonderful thing about HE is that you can change your teaching/learning style, not have to follow set curriculum, take a lead from your children and from what's around you.  I love it, the children love it and I still feel this is the best way to learning for us as a family.

Now, onto doodling ....  Sadly I feel I'm failing miserably at the challenge.  As always there's so many other things that get in the way of sitting down and doodling for hours on end!  Yep, I know, "get off the PC then and doodle" you say.  "Not that easy" I have to reply.  I enjoy PC time, chatting on Twitter, catching up on Facebook, finding out about things, updating my shop, etc., etc.  As I browse I doodle or sew or learn.  Life is just too busy isn't it?  I'm doodling now actually - day 10 (way, way behind) but I'm enjoying it.  I'm doodling about my dreams - snowy winters, Father Christmas and a tidy garden!

The children have done another doodle too - can't remember which day this was, but it was a pretty Patchwork.  Katie did her one about the things she loves and Ben did his about life on Earth.  They're lovely.

Katie's patchwork doodle

Ben's patwork doodle


Have Fun - Live Life said...

Hi, I've given you the versatile blogger award, if you wish to collect the award then click on link below and follow the rules.

Lisa (only recently found your blog but love it)

Elaine, Ellie's Treasures said...

Thank you Lisa - love reading your blog. :0)


dawny said...

patchwork life has got to be a good blog title !
I especially like Katie's music patch :)