Thursday, 29 April 2010

Ball Buddies

Ben got the filming bug after his little WWII episode the other day (see previous post), so he sat outside with me (while I was sewing) and made little creatures from Fimo which he called "Ball Buddies". Here's a pic of them, they are Spikeyguy, Fireos, Supersplash, Fireguy and Icyguy and they are all starring in a stop animation film that Ben's put together. As yet he hasn't put all the photos onto Movie Maker. He's tried twice and both times the system crashed, which he (like most people) is finding extremely frustrating. He'll finish it soon and I'll pop it on here for you all to see.


Katie has been busy designing and making a new stable and cross-country course for her model horses. I haven't seen it yet - she's hidden herself away in her room, but I know she's producing something great as she's leaving a trail of mess around the house that is all craft related!!

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We haven't had the Fimo out for ages...