Sunday, 17 January 2010

A week of birthdays

Hubby's on the 12th. Some family members said he was now the wrong side of 40 - poor love!

It was lovely to have him at home for this special day and we enjoyed a curry in the evening. Very yum as always but I forgot the nan breads and found them completely cremated at the back of the oven two days later! Ben took alot of time baking and decorating a delicious Victoria Sponge cake with butter-icing and mini white chocolate stars.


Two days later Katie had her 13th birthday! She'd been waiting very patiently since Autumn for her present - a camera of her own. On Friday, she and a friend had a joint party at Laserforce (where you run around zapping your opposite team, laser style) with a bit of tea and cake (this time chocolate with choc buttons) afterwards and lots of Wii playing. The camera got used an awful lot that evening!





Nikki said...

Belated Happy Birthday to K; I love the happy, smiling action shot and both cakes look delicious!

Ellie's Treasures said...

Thanks Nikki.