Thursday, 21 January 2010

Indoor bowls

We met up with other families from the local HE group here, the Peterborough & District Indoor Bowling Club, and spent 2 1/2 hours with some fabulous chaps all too happy to teach the children (and some of the adults) the basics of the game of bowls.

The players were put into three teams, each with a trainer, to be shown the correct technique for rolling the wood (the correct name of the ball). As most of the players are avid and regular ten-pin bowling fans, they all started off throwing the wood as if they were trying to knock over a pin! It just took a couple of practises to learn the new skill and they were soon all doing really well.

The trainers were so enthusiastic and encouraging that it was us mums and dads that suggested a quick break for lunch! After this, they played a game trying rolling the woods into numbered holes to score points. It was noticeable that the lads were far more competitive that the gals - keeping score and comparing!

It was a very active centre, lots of comings and goings of indoor bowling fans. Sadly thought of as a game for the older, retired folk, I think the centre were keen to welcome our youngsters and show them it can be a game appreciated by all ages.


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Thank you so much Claire!