Saturday, 12 December 2009

Anyone remember these?

Wow, couldn't believe it when I saw indoor fireworks on the back of the Hawkins catalogue. Sadly, when I came to order them, they said they were no longer selling them - not sure why. Quick google search landed me with Wizard Fireworks. Not usually one to order online from a company I'd never heard of, but I took a chance and was pleasantly surprised by the good communication and speedy delivery. Can't wait to light them all on Christmas Day.

Anyone else remember indoor fireworks?

When I was very young, we didn't buy outdoor fireworks. My Dad had died and I guess my Mum wasn't comfortable lighting them! Instead, for a few years, we had indoor ones. The smoke that came out of them was unbelieveable - not sure if they're the same now, but I'll have to remember to close all the doors otherwise the smoke detectors will start going! I remember having to carefully tear out a section of the selection, placing it on a plate and then carefully lighting it. I remember very bright green sparkler style from one little tablet, and an very oozy something or other from a "snake" firework. I also remember that sometimes they would light, probably because they'd been stored in a damp place!

Ooooh, excited!

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