Friday, 2 October 2009

Part 3 - Staffin, Isle of Skye

From Loch Lomond the scenery became breathtaking. Winding our way through the mountains of Glencoe and Ben Nevis - wow! We stopped for a cuppa and yummy piece of cake at the Glencoe visitors centre and had a good look at the mountain range before us. What a fabulous place to stop and take in, if only we'd had more time.

An interesting little machine turned a penny (with the help of a £1 coin) into a flattened oval
with the print of one of three very Highland looking pictures stamped on to it. Never seen this before, although apparently they are popular in touristy American places. Would make a great collection I guess.

Continuing our journey, together with many other holiday makers in caravans and camper vans onwards and upwards towards Fort William. Another stop and a chance to purchase such necessary grocery items from Morrisons! With three bulging bags, I wondered, as I walked back to the car, how and where these bags were going to go. Needless to say we fitted them in, mainly around my feet and on my lap!!

Fort William was behind us and after what seemed like continuous road, we finally reached the Skye Bridge. Joy of joys, our destination suddenly seemed closer.

Entering Skye suddenly didn't seem as beautiful and picturesque as the places we'd left behind, and we all proudly announced that "phew, we probably wouldn't want to live here afterall"! However (and there's always a however), as we drove further and further into Skye, passing the main town, Portree, and taking the road straight up the right hand side of the map of the island, the hills reappeared, the sea glistened and our thoughts began to change quite rapidly.

home for the week - Carn Ban

We reached our home for the week, Carn Ban, mid afternoon. A perfect resting place in the small village of Staffin with it's fabulous bay and beaches, small shop, cafe and newly built Columba 1400 centre (which served wonderful, home cooked grub).

misty views of Staffin from Carn Ban

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