Friday, 2 October 2009

Part 2 - Loch Lomond


The journey through the Lake District and up towards Loch Lomond was so varied. The twisty, turning roads around the Lakes were awash with a constant stream of water draining down down the hills, and the lake views were truly stunning. Leaving this behind to rejoin the motorway up towards Scotland made us all the more excited.

We stopped off at Gretna Green. We weren't going to, but Paul and I had been there many moons ago and bought matching Aran jumpers (I think this was before we were married!). Stupidly, I'd machine washed his one and it turned out suitable to fit a decent sized teddy bear! Needless to say I learnt my lesson and washed my one by hand. Not too sure what happened to mine, but the remains of it ended up in our large bag of materials and was used to make rather cute snowmen a year or so ago. Anyway, I thought he'd waited long enough for a replacement, so we headed off, found the same shop, and bought a new one for him (and I do believe it was the same price). This time I see the label clearly states it can be machine washed at 30 - and it has survived this I'm pleased to add.

All very touristy now at Gretna, but we had a delicious lunch there - our first of many meat pies made with the best Scottish beef.

Ready for the road ago, we did a "short cut" (or so I thought) through Edinburgh and came to our resting place along the edge of Loch Lomond at Luss.

This campsite had also suffered with the rain, but the chap in charge (actually, I think his wife was the one in charge, if you know what I mean) put us on a lovely flat section very close to the water with a mini stretch of beach. He seemed to like children, although he had a bit of a way of scaring our two well away from him. He told them there was a very special room for children where no adults were allowed - turned out to be the washing up room - Katie and Ben weren't impressed!
Early morning view across the Loch - taken by Paul as I was still snuggling in my sleeping bag.

Being run by the Caravan and Camping Club, this was a lovely, properly organised site, which we decided to return to on our homeward journey. Still not particularly quiet, it was next to a large hotel which had a party going on until the early hours! Not wanting to sound too much like Adrian Mole, but "just our luck"! Luss is tiny but the little village shop was brilliant selling everything you could possibly need from home baked bread, pies and cakes to camping equipment, medicines, booze - the lot.
Camping essentials cooling off in the cool river water

The local restaurant, The Village Rest, was thoroughly recommended to us and it certainly burnt a huge hole in our wallet! Having said that, the food was top rated and tonnes of it too. Paul tried haggis with tatties and neeps for starters and the portion was well and truly main course sized! We all walked back feeling as heavy our our laden car, knowing that breakfast wouldn't be required in the morning!
The Loch is well used by speedboats pulling people on a variety of different pullable objects, sea planes and the occasional low flying RAF plane. Swans, ducks, loads of rabbits and plenty more stone skimming made the few daylight hours at Luss disappear very quickly.


Caroline said...

looks beautiful - all of it so far (except perhaps the late night party-goers). eagerly awaiting the next installment :D I love stories with pictures!!

Hannah said...

Sounds like you had a fantastic time!

Elaine said...

Next installment coming today (hopefully) - have been without internet for some time.

Hannah - yep, we did have a fantastic time, thanks.