Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Thought of the day ....

Next term, or more bluntly projects and work.

As an HE family we've really changed our work pattern this last year. I've tried very hard to cling on to our usual routine of set work and projects but as the year as progressed this has slowly changed and we have become, in my mind, semi-autonomous in our learning. For me, this is a little scary - treading gingerly on fresh ground, but I'm gradually coming around to the benefits of autonomous learning. It's a bad time for this change though, with the new HE regulations lingering in the wings.

Not sure if I'll ever move away completely for scouring books and the internet for new, exciting things to learn about with my children, and as for daily maths, mmm, how can I let that stop?

I came across this very interesting and enlightening
blog entry this evening - sums it all up and sounds very encouraging. We shall see ....

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Caroline said...

Looking forward to seeing where your journey takes you this year :D Our school is morphing too... but can't really call it unschooling - not yet!