Wednesday, 22 July 2009

It doesn't always go to plan

Katie is down to compete in the riding school Cross Country Clear Round and Eventer Trial next Tuesday. She's been working hard trying three different horses and ponies around the course these last few weeks as she's not sure which steed she'll get on the day. As is to be expected, each horse has its own personality so she's having to remember their likes and dislikes and more importantly their quirks when it comes to jumping.

Usually all goes hunky-dory with the horse or pony eventually getting used to the various jumps and doing a relatively clear round during the lessons.

Sometimes it doesn't always go to plan as Katie found out last week when jumping Icy over a combination of three jumps (apparently called a "coffin" - fence, ditch, fence).

When taking this photo Katie managed to stay on, but I feel I've captured Icy perfectly skidding to a halt in sitting position. Unfortunately, the next time around he threw her completely resulting in a graze behind one leg and a fabulous lengthy bruise down one arm.


Elizabeth said...

I hope Katie is ok! Your photo is great--though I think my heart would have skipped quite a few beats!

Elaine said...

She is fine, thanks Elizabeth, and gets annoyed with me for fussing over her. Have to admit, the more horse jumping she does the more nail biting I do!

Hannah said...

I hope it all goes well on Tuesday :o)