Thursday, 19 February 2009

Tree of Happiness Award


Thank you to Hannah for giving me the Tree of Happiness Award.

Rules: write 6 things here that make you happy.

Wow, lots of things make me happy. Here's my chosen six:

(1) First and foremost, I've very happy to have such a happy home, great husband and two fab children. Sounds all amazing doesn't it?! It's not always obviously, everyone has days when things go wrong, children wind you up and bills are the only letters pouring through the letterbox and generally, I'm very happy with my lot.

(2) Spending time outdoors when it's not cold, wet or too windy! We are lucky enough to live in a very peaceful part of the British Isles and I love taking a cuppa outside to just sit and listen to the birds, watch the chickens and the cats chasing each other around the garden and enjoying nature all around me.

(3) Watching the birds from the kitchen window. Since starting our RSPB Awards we have been making fat balls and hanging strings of monkey nuts. I didn't realise how enjoyable and peaceful it is to watch the birds getting their grub! They are such delicate little things and truly amazing.

(4) Sitting by the fire with a cat on my lap. Say no more.

(5) Enjoying a yummy slice of cake. Katie and Ben both make delicious cakes now so it's not always me that has to make them!

(6) Goodness, there's so many things which shall I choose? Either: A tidy house. Really, is that the best I can do for my 6th listing! When everything's in its place, the floor is hoovered and washed, ironing is done, fire grates have been cleaned and the kitchen is no longer a dumping ground I am truly happy. Unfortunately that doesn't happen often - something to work on perhaps! Or: the little gestures of kindness that happen out of the blue like someone letting you go first in a queue, a genuine friendly conversation with a total stranger, someone making you something out of the kindess of their heart - those things make me happy.

I'm sending Tree of Happiness awards to: Our Life Here, Petits Haricots, The Swift Clan, The Frog Academy. You deserve them ladies.


HelenHaricot said...

have done it, thanks

Sam said...

I like your happy list :-)

I've tagged you on my blog for 8 random things, if you'd like to play :-)

Dawny said...

hiya :-) I've done my 6 things and Ive tagged you for the photo one :)

Elaine said...

Hi Sam and Dawny - thanks for the tags, will get my act together in the next couple of days.