Thursday, 19 February 2009

Katie's new life

Gosh, what a week! Probably the best thing horse wise (apart from having her own pony) that's happen to Katie since her love of horses began many years ago.

Last week, during a visit to the Post Office, Katie spotted an advert on the notice board stating "free riding, suitable for mother/child, with small amount of stable management". Understatement to say that Katie was excited, she was over the moon! I called the number and the lady was more than happy to hand over the "job" to us. She'd been looking to loan the pony for some time as her daughter is now at Uni and has no spare time to ride him. She was thinking the mum could ride in the week and the daughter/son on the Sunday and in the holidays, but seeing as how Katie's at home all week she gets to ride 5 days out of 7. Lucky girl.

We went to visit them (just 10 mins. down the road by car) on the Saturday and was introduced to their lovely dogs, one of which is a year old and very exciteable Great Dane named Harry, their two lovely horses and a very neat and tidy stable yard.

The pony Katie is looking after and riding is named AJ. We started on Tuesday and have loved every minute of it so far. Katie and the owner have been fabulous teachers to Ben and me. Starting the day with grooming, then tacking up before Katie has a good 3/4 hour of riding while Ben and I poo pick and tidy up the stable. Ben's loving all this too - he's a dab hand at the poo picking and enjoys dumping a wheelbarrow load of dung on the muck heap! He also gets on well with the dogs and isn't fazed by Harry at all, even though he could knock Ben over with the slightest nudge.

Having to re-gig the "school" work which so far we've managed to do in the afternoons. Will take some time to settle into a new routine I guess.
AJ is gorgeous and, according to Katie, is a dream to ride compared to the riding school pony she used to. He responds well to all her aids and will boost her confidence no end. He has competed in Dressage competitions in the past and the owner has suggested that, with practise, Katie could start competing, going along to shows with her.

The weather was glorious today so we took AJ out along the farm track for a nice walk and trot.
Perhaps we'll get Ben riding some day soon?




Anonymous said...

Oh thats brilliant :0)

Anonymous said...

P.S heart will be in the post later.

A. xx

Deb said...

That sounds like a brilliant arrangement :-)

Elaine said...

We're all loving it, although today, having given the stable a thorough clean out, I'm absolutely shattered. I think I've got the raw deal actually - Katie riding, me and Ben mucking out - mmm, have to see about that!

Elaine said...

Thanks Hippy Mama.

Caroline said...

That is so FAB for Katie (and all of you by the sounds of it) - what a blessing :D
Thanks for the award/tag btw - will get to it shortly :)

Dawny said...

wow how very lovely for her :-) no wonder she's got such a lovely smile, I bet she's got a full time grin now :)

Nikki said...

Oh, that's fantastic news for Katie, she must be thrilled to little bits and pieces :-))) What a great experience to grow up with.

Elaine said...

Yep, she certainly is grinning and is extremely happy that I finally want to learn lots and lots about horses (like a bad pupil all her wise words went in one ear and out of the other before now - slap on hand).