Thursday, 26 February 2009

Traditional Shrove Tuesday

We took some time to learn about the customs in the UK and abroad for Shrove Tuesday (or Pancake Day) using the Woodlands website and a rather well used Ladybird Book on special days and customs.

The books states that it is possible that the early Christians were following a tradition that goes back to the times of Ancient Rome as they used to make and eat little cakes in worship of Fornax, Goddess of Ovens!

We also read that in some places pancake races take place - running along tossing pancakes from the frying pan. We had a bash at this with Katie's supply of syrup scotch pancakes. Most ended up on the grass with the hens having a field day chasing after all the dropped goodies!

We also learnt that in some countries they celebrate this time of year with the Mardi Gras (meaning Fat Tuesday) carnival. Carnival comes from a Latin word meaning "farewell to flesh" as meat was not allowed during Lent.
Naturally we made pancakes in the evening. Shrove Tuesday has to be one of my most favourite traditions - I just love pancakes with lemon and sugar. Katie helped make some butterscotch sauce for her ones. Ben still isn't keen on them - we keep trying year after year - he'll get there at some point I'm sure! Paul seems to be the master of pancake making and tossing! None of his stuck to the pan or got burnt so I think from now on he can take over this important annual event in our house.

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