Thursday, 26 February 2009

Couple of "tags", here goes ...

The first is from Sam, for 8 Random Things About Me.

(1) I've had three jobs in my adult life so far. I worked for a Canadian bank for a number of years; joined as a typist and worked my way up to PA to three Directors! I became a childminder before my youngest started pre-school, and then I became a Playgroup Assistant. Loved these last two very much - have always enjoyed being around children (and adults who enjoy the company of children). I guess my fourth job is teaching my own two!

(2) I am a published women. During my time at Playgroup I went on a very interesting course about "schemas" in under 8s (following patterns in learning and play). I had to write a fairly lengthy and detailed essay about one of the children in our group and his/her schema. The fabulous lady running the course chose mine and a couple of other people's essays to print in her book on Early Years education.

(3) I'm an Essex girl but was told yesterday that my voice wouldn't have given that away!

(4) I seem to have a knack for making up silly rhymes which often involved the word "poo" (it rhymes with so much).

(5) I also have a knack of bursting into song (usually at home I must add) when close family say a word or sentence that reminds me of one!

(6) I seem to have some form of ESP. I can usually tell who's about to call me on the phone just before it rings. It freaks me out when I know a friend I haven't spoken with in a very long time is about to call me and they do! Just the other day I woke up with the song "Wild Women Do" in my head. I was singing it around the house all morning and then later in the day I was stunned to see that I'd been given a "Wylde Women" award on my blog - spooky!

(7) I enjoy being frugal - which isn't a bad thing in these hard times. My mum taught me an awful lot about "make do and mend" and I get a real kick out of putting this into practise.

(8) I used to go to ballet, tap and "modern" dancing when I was a child and absolutely loved it. I'd help with the babies class on a Saturday morning and co-taught a 5-7 year old ballet class during the week. It was very strange seeing some of them performing on the stage as teenagers a number of years later, when the last time I'd seen them they were probably about 7 or 8!

The second is from Dawn for the 6th folder, 6th picture.

Wow, haven't looked at this photo since we moved into our home! The 6th album on my PC has photos of our home, past and present. It was lovely to flick through them again. This one, the 6th photo, was probably taken in the 70s and although the house hasn't been altered much since then, the surroundings make it look totally different.


If you drop by my blog and would like to take up the challenge of either or both tags, please feel free to do so.

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