Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Drawings and writing

Bunny Surprises
Sat down this afternoon and drew this whilst warming by the fire. Now, I wonder where it'll lead ....

K - January 09
Katie's fabulous galloping coloured cob

Ben's lovely Gothic writing - brilliant for a first attempt. I think we've all taken to trying our hand at a bit of fancy writing. Takes an age. Imagine what it was like for the monks way back when this was what they did day in, day out.



Dawny said...

you are producing some good stuff :) well done , i'll show it all to the girls to try to inspire them, we've still not really got going since the new year.

Elaine said...

We found this last term. I guess with the lead up to Christmas, with Halloween and firework night too, we just couldn't get into anything "juicy"! They're trying some new things at the mo which seem to be going down well. Elaine

Anonymous said...

buuny... books?

love the children's artwork :0)

Elaine said...

Yes, perhaps books. Katie said today she'd like to illustrate books. She is quite the young artist.