Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Drawing something fast ...

was for Sketch Tuesday. Here's Katie and Ben's entries.



We also started back with Latin today. As we'd only covered about 3 chapters of Minimus before Christmas (that's pretty poor!), we recapped on most of it this morning. Katie and Ben remembered far more than me - young brains I guess. We also did some calligraphy. I got an Usborne book on this topic out from the library, mainly for Katie as she enjoys anything along these lines, but Ben did really well too. We gave Katie a Japanese painting set for Christmas but haven't yet found a suitable guide book for her to use. This book had a couple of pages on the subject so she was finally able to get it all out and have a go. It's a beautifully presented set of block ink and various brushes, mixing bowl and all that. Nice to see her using it.

We also did the Krampf experiment for last week. Making E150d (caramel colouring). Quickly scanning through the needed ingredients last week before shopping I went out and bought a bottle of coke as it mentioned "a glass of cola". Kids were very pleased to see that in the cupboard. Actually reading through the experiment today, I realised they didn't actually need the coke at all - it was really just to compare the finished caramel colour with the colour of coke (which has E150d in it). Good experiment - even set the hob on fire at one point!

Here's Katie's finished sculpted horse. She's not sure whether to paint it or not. She's using the left over Sculpey (the clay stuff) to make cute riders which she's selling should anyone be interested. I'll post up a piccie in due course.


Dawny said...

finished horse model , very nice , lovely fast things too :)

Caroline said...

stunning sculpture - one talented girly you have there :) (Great drawings too!!)