Monday, 1 August 2016

Adding to the range

A lady who frequently comments on a showcasing Facebook page for Folksy suggested that I try branching out and turning my items into pictures.

Always up for a challenge, I decided to look at producing a mixed media wall hanging incorporating a charm, as is usual, in my work.

I've been a fan of mixed media collage for a very long time. Playing with different textures and combination of colours to develop a design is quite therapeutic and the end result is tactile and unique.

My first wall hanging took on an Autumnal theme in dark green, rich browns and oranges and featured a mini silver coloured metal fox charm.  My second has the theme of underwater, using a little fish charm as inspiration.

With a combination of recycled fabrics (one of which was a tie-dye t-shirt my daughter made when she as about 11), trims, buttons and even part of an old bathroom wash scrunchy, the new hanging came together.

Hangings comprise of three sections, joined by trim and have a twig, taken from the hazel in our garden, to complete the hanging.

The lady on Facebook certainly liked the hangings, but it wasn't the "picture" she was suggesting.  Time to experiment further ....

I sourced mini rustic style 4' square box frames and created a 3D picture based on my brooch and keyring designs.

Here is my first one - am so pleased with how it looks (very difficult to photograph though - still experimenting with that).  I've have white painted frames and natural frames with a light grey wash ready to use and am loving making these for the shop.

The box frames can be wall hung or free standing.  Just imagine how sweet this would look in a special garden house retreat or seaside beach hut.


Stephanie Guy Fine Art said...

These are really lovely!

Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

Thank you Stephanie, I've really enjoyed making them.