Monday, 27 June 2016

Summer ... a mix of rain, storms and sun.

Summer's here, the elderflowers are blooming, catch them while you can, it's Elderflower Champagne time.

Since exam kick off in mid May, family life has concentrated a lot around Ben's GCSEs.  He sat all seven papers at the secondary school in St. Neots and seemed fairly OK with how they went.  There has been continuous revision all the way through the exams, concentrating more on Maths, which Ben felt was his weakest subject.  There was a good two week gap between the Physics papers which we thought was good at the start but proved difficult as the second paper loomed as Ben had used all his mental energy on Maths and needed extra "reminder" revision to get through the Physics.  Results will be out on 25th August - fingers crossed he get the grades needed to move on to A-levels.

Three of the papers were morning sittings and we felt it better for our nerves to stay over.  Out of all the times we've been to St. Neots, this year and last, we have only had 1 fabulously warm sunny day - St. Neots in the sun is far, far better than in the rain!  I can now say I know the roads of St. Neots well - finding several back routes between the school, town and the two Premier Inn hotels we stayed in ... with Costa and Prezzo being excellent places to reside.

I have been enjoying a very chilled horse these last few weeks as Jay has been going out with his buddy for overnight grazing.  Most mornings I'd find him zonked out and it's been super to see him relaxed enough to continue snoozing while I give him a good stroke and pester him with continuous selfie shots.

Unfortunately, he seems to get up to night time silliness and it has caused himself a couple of minor injuries meaning he's back to going out in the day time, in his own paddock - he's just too much of a playful kid when out with others!

Paul and I celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary on 18th June and decided to experience our first Polo Match on the 19th to celebrate.  Luckily the weather held for the day (it bucketed down later) and we were able to sit out, enjoy a lovely hog roast sandwich lunch, and experience the horsing around.  I came away a bit hooked on the game - it's quick, fun and just brilliant.  The commentator was fantastic ... he really made the event.

I think it would be safe to say we've had more wet weather than sunny so far this Summer.  Great for the paddocks, the grass is continuously replenishing, not so good for the gardeners who are having to constantly mow the grass and keep on top of the weeds.

The first picture with its stunning bright poppies is a real contrast to the heavy storm clouds in the distance over Kings Lynn.  We watched as a funnel appeared from the centre of the cloud (probably too small to see in the photo), luckily it dissipated.  The second photo was taken a couple of days ago.  We had sunshine but the storm clouds were moving in swiftly from Holbeach way.  We could hear the rumbles of thunder but strangely it never actually reached us.  The third photo was taken during a greenlaning trip in Norfolk.  We had cloud burst after cloud burst so we endeavoured to drive along sturdy lanes to preserve the countryside.  We were surprised to come across this ford at the end of one. Paul had to scrabble around under the Landie to put in the wading plugs before driving through it!

Enjoy any warm sunny days that come your way.

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