Wednesday, 8 July 2015

The beach beckons and a rosette for Poppy

The rather stifling high temperatures we had last week prompted a couple of early evening seaside visits to Hunstanton.

Our first trip, with Ben too, saw the tide out, but large pools of water left behind on the beach to enjoy a splash around in.  It was relatively quiet so after our paddle we sat on the beach to let our toes dry off before downing a couple of drinks at the lovely Ancient Mariner.

Our second trip a couple of days later, minus Ben, saw the tide in.  Although again early evening, the beach was far, far busier with lots of families swimming in the sea and plenty of other dogs, big and small, enjoying themselves on the sand and catching waves in the water.

Although Poppy will paddle, she's never been one to leap into the water or even swim.  This time, as if fuelled by a rather excited young black labrador close by, she launched herself towards a wave and seemed rather taken aback when it washed right over her!  That is why our photo above shows her still rather damp - sitting on the lawn of the Ancient Mariner, as we once again enjoyed a couple of drinks as the sun went down.

Strangely, Poppy wasn't too good after this last visit, not too sure why.  It could well have been the heat that followed the next day (it was exceptionally hot), or the fact she'd drunk some sea water in her wave launching episode or that she'd scooped up quite a bit of sand playing ball over and over on the beach.  We've also noticed recently that her back end is becoming a little weak - a trait of labradors.  Sometimes she'll take the stairs at home very slowly, rather than bounding up them, and we frequently have to lift her into the Land Rover when we venture out.

However, for a supposedly 12 year old dog, I think she's looking rather good and certainly deserved her 1st place rosette for veteran class at the Long Sutton Dog Show a couple of Sunday's back.

Since the cooler weather Poppy's perked up considerably ... had us a little worried for a moment (visions of blockages sprang to mind).


Handcrafted by Picto said...

Ooo I love Old Hunstanton, (been to Le Strange Hotel). It's great to have the forest area's and the beach together. Love the photo's, Ben looks so young and perky :)

Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

Le Strange Hotel is lovely and right next door to the Ancient Mariner.

plainprimitives said...

I can't believe Poppy is 12- she looks great. Love Hunstanton too.

Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

I know - she's still full of beans too (when she wants to be!!).